New York

The Challenges of Growing Old in New York City

Living in a big city like New York certainly has its perks, but for seniors – especially those who are aging “in place” in their homes – urban living can pose some real challenges. Whether you’re a senior, a concerned relative or a professional caregiver, below are a few common hurdles that seniors experience and some tips on how to best tackle them.

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Safer Home for Senior

Safety First: Creating a Safer Home for Senior Loved Ones

Your home is a safe haven, and for the millions of older adults who are choosing to age in place at home as opposed to moving into a care facility, homes often need certain modifications in order to remain that way. Due to common limitations that arise as one ages – mobility issues, sight impairment, etc. – living at home can become difficult, even risky. Health problems and side effects from medications can also increase chances of injury in the home when an elderly person is already having a harder time getting around.

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